SWFL Premier Specialty Waffle Food Truck

Providing an out of this world encounter by bringing intergalactic experiences together one waffle at a time!

Milky Whey is a unique culinary experience in which combinations of either savory or sweet ingredients are merged to introduce a whole new way to enjoy the delight of waffles.

We Travel All Over Southwest Florida!

Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota County

About Us

When small clouds of stars and dust unite, a Galaxy is formed. Just as those stars and dust came together to create something bigger, AO and Christin were drawn to each other and destined to share their passion with the creation of their very own Milky Whey.

“What an out of this world experience! I had a Close encounter and man is it delicious. The combination of sweet, spicy, salty and creamy was out of this world. Definitely an adventure for your tastebuds. Going back to try another one!!

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Get Ready To Knock Your Tastebuds Out of This World!

waffle with fruity pebbles, strawberry, banana and marshmallow cream cheese
plain waffle with mozzarella tomato basil and balsamic glaze

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